Film Independent

Age of Reptiles


Sloan Grant Won: 
2017, Episodic Grant, Film Independent

Project Type: TV Pilot
Genre: Drama
Length: 60 pages
Field of Science: Paleontology
Stage: Development


Playboy-paleontologist Barnum Brown battles rival dinosaur diggers and cutthroat museum politics in his quest for the Holy Grail of fossils, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Age of Reptiles tells the story of Barnum Brown, a colorful scientist adventurer who made some of the biggest discoveries in prehistoric fossils, from a skull of the Triceratops to the bones of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But this show is much more than just a biopic—it’s a peek into an era where rival paleontologists backstabbed each other over dig sites, and natural history museums engaged in espionage, poaching, and bare-knuckled politics, not for the greater glory of science, but for the acquisition of the most impressive dinosaur bones. Reminiscent of period shows like Genius and Mad Men, this series about dinosaurs, devious curators, and ambitious paleontologists dramatizes the intersection of science and society through a “prehistoric” lens.


As a former public school teacher, Michael Kogge is passionate about telling stories that shed light on the forgotten heroes in society. He has had a screenplay optioned by an Oscar nominee, developed a TV series treatment for a major producer, and penned the original graphic novel, Empire of the Wolf.

manager: Russell Hollander