Film Independent

Blue Shift


Sloan Grant Won: 
2017, Screenplay, Columbia University

Project Type: Feature
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Length: 103 pages
Field of Science: Astronomy, Astrophysics
Stage: Development


A married pair of astronomers, while struggling to understand the nature of a galaxy on the edge of the universe, decide to start seeing other people.


Astronomer and professor Rita Rojas leads the life she’s been striving for her whole life. She teaches at a prestigious liberal arts school, is married to a fellow astronomer and is doing research on an exciting quasar — a particularly energetic galaxy on the edge of the visible universe. All that is thrown into disarray, though, when her husband Gary suggests that they experiment with an open relationship. With her hard-won stability seriously thrown, Rita has to simultaneously navigate the profound, cosmic challenges of her profession and the petty, infuriating frustrations of a relationship gone awry.


Tim O’Connor is a writer, director & actor living in New York City. He grew up in central New Jersey and graduated from the Film Directing MFA Program at Columbia University in 2017. Currently, he works as an associate producer and director for the television series A Crime to Remember on Investigation Discovery. His first feature film as a writer & director, The Undiscovered Country, is in post-production.