Molly Mayor


Sloan Grant Won: 
2015, Production, Columbia University

Project Type: Short Film
Genre: Comedy
Length: 9 minutes
Field of Science: Bridge Scouring, Erosion to Pilings
Stage: Completed


It Was Sandy!


When FEMA shows up at city hall unannounced, a young mayor and her father must present their town’s application for disaster relief–if they can prove the local bridge was damaged in hurricane Sandy, their bankrupt town has a chance of collecting a big chunk of federal change. But when the FEMA men accuse the mayor of fraud, the meeting spirals wildly out of control.


Nick Weiss-Richmond is an LA-based writer, director and editor originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Recent projects include the short Molly Mayor (2017), an official selection at Charlotte, Atltanta Shorts, Woods Hole, New Hampshire, Great Lakes and Santa Fe Independent Film Festivals. He holds an MFA in directing from Columbia University and has taught at various institutions, including Adelphi University.