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Sloan Grant Won: 
2015, Writing Award, New York University

Project Type: Feature
Genre: Sports, Drama
Length: 117 pages
Field of Science: Automotive Engineering
Stage: Development


After a tragic mistake that results in the death of her race car driver brother during a race Anna Monaro, a brilliant but caustically cutthroat Formula 1 car engineer, must rejoin her bitter, grief-stuck father to win Le Manns against the most powerful car company in the world or risk destroying their legacy and the company they built together.


Luiz Tassi is the Director of Development of American Entertainment Investors, (AEI) and a screenwriter and producer. He is writer and producer on several projects in development, including associate producer on an adaptation of Ghost in the Rainbow, a novel by Joan Leslie Woodruff. Luiz has a Master’s from NYU Tisch’s Department of Dramatic Writing.

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