Film Independent

The Mars Generation


Sloan Grant Won: 
2017, Screenwriting, University Southern California

Project Type: Feature
Genre: Coming-of-Age, Family Adventure
Length: 112 pages
Field of Science: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Aerospace Engineering, Geology
Stage: Development


In the summer of 1993, 10-year-old Emily attends U.S. Space Camp with dreams of going to Mars. Once there, she discovers the true nature of NASA’s human space exploration program and must face the possibility that her generation may never go to Mars. Heartbroken, Emily teams with a group of campers to reignite hope that one day they will walk on the red planet.


A recovering Texas debutante, Alyson grew up believing impressive duck hunting skills and evening gowns were the key to upward mobility.  Now, she writes and does stand up about people coming to terms with reality.  She is an Oakie award recipient, a Hugo Shong/IDG Fellow, and holds an MFA from USC’s School of Writing for Screen and Television.