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Under Glass


Sloan Grant Won: 
2017, Screenplay, Columbia University

Project Type: Feature
Genre: Psychological Drama, Hybrid
Length: 92 pages
Field of Science: In vitro fertilization technology
Stage: Development


Although she does not want to become a mother, IVF embryologist Anna finds the perfect guinea pig for her research in her own womb.


Although she does not want to become a mother, as the pioneer embryologist of a new in vitro fertilization technique, Anna finds the perfect guinea pig in her own womb. Prioritizing career, she decides to ignore the scientific protocol and the ethical boundaries of her profession and starts to test on herself. This enterprise is not only secret, with the exception of Tom, the gynecologist that ventures himself in the research with Anna. It is also physically and mentally hazardous for Anna, and will have important consequences in her career, her personal life and her body. Because if she succeeds professionally, she will have to face again the pressing question she thought she had already answered: Am I supposed to be a mother in order to be a woman?


Noelia is a filmmaker from Madrid, Spain. She received her BA in Media Studies at the Complutense University of Madrid and her Master’s in Film Editing at ECAM. She also studied Documentary Directing at EICTV in Cuba. Her new short film, The Spaces Between the Silver Grains, will play this autumn at various festivals.