Film Independent

Valley of Dry Bones


Sloan Grant Won: 
2017, Screenwriting, University of Southern California

Project Type: Feature
Genre: Historical Drama
Length: 115 pages
Field of Science: Medical Research, Physiology, Endocrinology
Stage: Completed


Left scarred by World War I, Dr. Freddy Banting becomes obsessed with discovering the cure for Diabetes. Just as his work begins to show promise, he is shoved aside by more experienced colleagues. Now, Freddy must fight his professional rivals and personal demons in his battle to bring the miracle that is Insulin to those afflicted with the deadly disease. Based on real events.


Jeremy Palmer died once. But he totally came back. His temporary death during a botched heart surgery left him technically a cyborg and pointed him toward a career working in the disability community. Seeing how his near death affected his wife and family left him feeling guilty, and thus fascinated with writing about guilt and how it manifests in unexpected ways. Jeremy received his MFA in Writing for Screen & Television from the USC School of Dramatic Arts.