Jennifer Noonan, Writer/Director 

Sloan Grant(s) Received: 2020, Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, Athena Film Festival 

Project Type: Feature 

Genre: Drama 

Length: 91 pages 

Field of Science: Neuroscience, Computer Science Technology 

Stage: Pre-Production 


Combat veteran Harley Knox returns home from Afghanistan and faces a new battle she must wage to regain her Self. The trauma surrounding a blast during war and her subsequent IED injury haunts her reintegration home until she finds a doctor who promises progress under an innovative technology for facing trauma. With the help of the doctor, Harley embarks on her own personal mission to regain her life through facing her pain, but this journey inevitably causes disruption to the relationships around her. Harley’s journey culminates as she is faced with the realization that, in facing trauma and pain, the only way is through.