Tidal Disruption

Kiran Deol, Writer/Director 

Sloan Grant(s) Received:
2020, Sloan Science in Cinema Filmmaker Fellowship, SFFILM
2020, Sloan Fellowship Award, Sundance Institute

Project Type: Feature 

Genre: Psychological Thriller 

Length: 112 pages 

Field of Science: Astronomy 

Stage: Development 


Audrey is a quiet, nail-biting overachieving perfectionist and first year graduate student in the cutthroat, male dominated world of astronomy. She attends Rose Tech, a premier STEM science institution and lands a coveted position on the research team of the charming, charismatic, superstar professor, Richard Crane. He offers a singular and exciting opportunity—to serve as Audrey’s advisor for her submission to the Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics Conference (SAAC)—a place that makes and breaks careers. But as time goes on, a push-pull energy between Crane and Audrey begins. Is it chemistry? Camaraderie? Or is Audrey just a socially anxious introvert who misreads and exaggerates social cues? Tidal Disruption’s primal narrative explores the motivations of sex, manipulation, and power between a young student and a charismatic, undeniably charming established professor. Think a Whiplash style psychological thriller about a messy, confusing relationship, but oops. You’re at work.