Felix van Kann, Writer 
Cecilia Otero, Producer 

Sloan Grant(s) Received:
2021, Screenwriting Award, Columbia University
2021, Sloan Producers Grant, Film Independent

Project Type: Feature 

Genre: Sports Drama 

Length: 105 pages 

Field of Science: Biology, Psychology 

Stage: Development 


When 30-year-old professional tennis player Alex gets threatened with losing his scholarship at his academy, his once promising career faces a sudden end. To make things worse, a younger and yet superior rival, Chris, joins the academy. In his despair and obsession with succeeding in the sport he loves, he turns to what he sees as his last option to turn his fate around: doping. Soon enough, his results improve and he climbs in the ranking. Alex believes himself at the top. But after playing a part in Chris getting injured out of jealousy, Alex starts to question how far he is ready to go to keep his dream alive.