User Zero

Ria Tobaccowala, Director/Writer/Producer 

Sloan Grant(s) Received: 2018, Production Award, New York University 

Project Type: Short Film 

Genre: Drama 

Length: 16 minutes 

Field of Science: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Brain Computer Interfaces 

Stage: Completed 


Dr. Naomi James, a passionate neuroscientist, plans for the public launch of LITO, her groundbreaking invention that uses AI to treat mental health. Her Silicon Valley investor, Simon Kinsler, is ecstatic about the billions LITO will be worth in a few days when Naomi’s company goes public. On this same day, one of Naomi’s patients, Lauren Lee tackles a shopper over a box of cookies in a grocery story. A video of the fight becomes a viral sensation. As Naomi faces the fallout of Lauren’s crime, trauma from her past unsettles her as she investigates what might be causing Lauren’s behavior. As the pressure builds to keep the launch moving forward, Naomi must make a choice: move forward with a morally questionable product or let go of her dream.