Ben Gigli currently serves as Director of Development & Current Programming at Warner Bros. Blue Ribbon Content, the digital wing of WBTV. Previously he served as Director of Development & Production for ABCd, overseeing original short form scripted comedy and drama programming as part of the overall digital effort for ABC Network. Projects at ABCd included Boondoggle with Ty Burrel, American Koko with Viola Davis, and Forever 31 with Iliza Schlesinger. Prior to his time at ABC, Ben acted as Channel Executive for the Stan Lee’s World of Heroes channel for Michael Eisner’s Vuguru Studios, as well as Manager of Comedy for Fullscreen. Outside of his corporate experience Ben was a founding member and Producer of 5-Second Films (5SF), and helped garner over 500 million views for the site, while receiving acclaim from CNN, Larry King Now, Attack of the Show, SXSW, Spin Magazine, Time Magazine, Gizmodo, The Boston Globe, and San Diego Comic Con. He also acted as a writer and producer on the 5SF independent feature, Dude Bro Party Massacre III, which debuted at the LA Film Festival in 2015.