Love, Genome

Brandy N. Carie, Writer 

Sloan Grant(s) Received: 2017, Screenwriting Award, Carnegie Mellon University 

Project Type: Feature 

Genre: Romantic Comedy 

Length: 95 pages 

Field of Science: Canine Genomics 

Stage: Development 


Hotshot geneticist Maxine lives for her job and her dog, Genome. She has it all, and she handles it—all by herself. When she and her team are funded to sequence the first complete canine genome, Maxine is confident: she has a list, a plan, and a super big brain. Unfortunately, she also has a rising stack of administrative bitch work, a seriously manipulative maternal visitor, and an irritatingly sexy dog breed expert gumming up the gears of her well-oiled life. Things get hot (and then so cold) with the sexy dog expert, and then the genomics project suffers a huge nepotism-scented setback. Maxine is barely holding it together when Genome goes missing, forcing her to face the possibility that this time, she might need to accept a little help.