Victoria Rivera, Writer/Director 
Camila Zavala, Producer 

Sloan Grant(s) Received:
2019, Screenplay Award, Columbia University
2019, Producing Lab Fellow, Film Independent

Project Type: Feature 

Genre: Drama, Thriller 

Length: 95 pages 

Field of Science: Marine Biology 

Stage: Development 


After the sudden death of her husband during a shark research expedition, Mia Soto leaves her young son to make the perilous journey to Malpelo Island, home to the largest congregation of hammerhead sharks and site of his fatal accident. Once-promising marine biologist and headstrong free-diver, Mia hopes to complete her husband’s yearly expedition tagging hammerhead sharks, now dangerously close to extinction. She does so in an effort to continue this crucial work and safeguard the tenuous future of the organization they built together. As she navigates the dangerous waters trapped on a boat with a crew of men she can’t trust, she uncovers an illegal poaching scheme and reveals the dark truth behind her husband’s legacy. Mia is finally able to come back to life on her own terms.