Emilija Gasic, Writer/Director 

Nicola Lanthier-Rogers, Writer 

Cheryl Wong, Producer 

Sloan Grant(s) Received: 2021, Production Award Honorable Mention, NYU 

Project Type: Feature 

Genre: Biographical Drama 

Length: 113 pages 

Field of Science: Physics 

Stage: Development 


Told in three separate timelines spanning from her childhood though her adult years, Mileva follows the life of Mileva Marić, later Mileva Einstein, the brilliant physicist and mathematician. As a young girl, Mileva fights for the best possible education, earning a spot at an all-boys high school and, eventually, the Swiss Polytechnic. But despite great talent, intelligence, and drive, through her adult life Mileva lacks opportunity due to patriarchal limitations and expectations. Mileva is the story of an incredible woman whose cosmic collision with Albert Einstein results in a star-crossed romance, a brutal divorce, and the theory of relativity itself.