Young Tesla

Hector Coles, Writer 

Sloan Grant(s) Received: 2019, Screenwriting Award, New York University 

Project Type: TV Pilot 

Genre: Drama 

Length: 47 pages 

Field of Science: Electrical Engineering 

Stage: Development 


In 1884, 27-year-old Nikola Tesla sets off from Serbia to New York City in search of the freedom and opportunity to put his inventions into practice. Instead, he finds a city beset with poverty and gangs, and he is at the bottom of it all. In this series that is a meeting of The Imitation Game and Gangs of New York, Tesla must turn his theoretical genius into a practical, real world nouse to survive and eventually land a job with Thomas Edison. Edison identifies Tesla’s genius and promotes him, but their relationship quickly turns sour as Tesla realizes his inventions, which could provide electricity to every person in America, but ruin Edison, are being suppressed. With the help of the few friends he has, he must find a way to get his ideas out, eventually joining forces with Edison’s rival, George Westinghouse, starting a war to power America.